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May 2017

Cuteness Overload

On Wednesday (the 17th) our newest family member arrived, finally! This was Mercy’s first calf, and since she never had any outward signs of being in heat, we weren’t exactly sure when she was bred… and consequently, didn’t exactly have a good idea of when her due date was going to be. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you are like me, once the signs of impending calving start occurring, I’m on full alert.  Continue reading “Cuteness Overload”

Sheep…. er, Sleep 101

As much as this oily farmgirl loves her animals, counting sheep as I lay in bed is NOT my favorite thing to do. In fact, it’s downright annoying and, over time, it can actually become destructive to the body. Usually, I have no trouble falling asleep, but there are times when I wake up with some thought that is front and center in my brain and refuses to leave. That’s a problem. Thankfully, it isn’t a chronic issue for me, but when it does happen, it sure makes the following day a little more challenging.  Continue reading “Sheep…. er, Sleep 101”


I’m never ceased to be amazed by God’s hand in creating natural beauty. Coming home from work last night I snapped these two pictures. The interesting thing is that the first pic is a sunset, BUT it is a reflection of the sun… and it is on the east horizon. I drove further up the driveway, and then took a pic of the west…. the actual sunset itself. I don’t think you see this kind of thing very often…. at least I don’t.  Continue reading “Brushstrokes”

Garden Warfare

I’m not gonna lie. Gardening can be an exercise in exasperation. I think that’s probably why God put certain strains of bacteria in the soil that actually boost our serotonin levels and decrease our anxiety (ie: mycobacterium vaccae)….. otherwise, we’d probably have thrown in the trowel and starved to death long ago!  Continue reading “Garden Warfare”

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