At first glance, Ebenezer the Claustrophobic Bee appears to be just another cute children’s story about an insect with issues. Ebenezer wants nothing more than to escape the confining life of a drone bee. He is befriended by a worker bee named Izabelle who agrees to help him find a job, and to ultimately get to leave the hive. Readers ages 7 to 77 will be entertained and educated as they learn about bees while following Ebenezer on his journey. Charmingly written and illustrated, Ebenezer will educate and convince even the most unlikely environmentalist of the importance of bees. Included in this delightful story is a basic glossary of bee terminology and fascinating bee facts. This is a must read for anyone with a budding interest in bees, nature, and our environment. Find it on Amazon here . Life is better with bees!

Izabelle doing her daily task on the farm.