This is me… Liz James….sometimes known as “The Oily Farmgirl”. I am a 25+ year veteran of pharmacy… I don’t use the word “veteran” lightly, because sometimes it does seem like I am going in to a war zone as we fight “Big Pharma” and insurance companies on a daily basis. I am also an organic farmgirl….. sharing my world with Charlie, my husband of nearly 25 years, and numerous handmilked dairy cows, horses, chickens, a large organic garden and berry/fruit orchard, dogs, cats, and Henri… our resident Oily Farm Squirrel. Life is full and very busy! Yes, I am not your typical pharmacist. In fact, I am likely the most natural one you’d ever meet. Our farm, our “farmily” and our lives are nearly chemical free in all controllable aspects.

About 15 years ago, I began realizing that so much of what pharmacists (and nearly all health professionals) have been taught about medicine is spoon fed to us by the drug industry. After all, if you’re going to feed someone information that you want them to regurgitate later, why give information about “the dark side” of common drugs and drug classes? I mean, would YOU take something that could likely cause dementia later in life if you knew that was a possible side effect? Heck no!…at least I wouldn’t.

This realization led me down a completely different path of intensive self study. Every time I thought I knew about a drug or class of drugs, I started looking deeper and beyond the information the drug companies shared. The more I discovered and uncovered, the more I questioned the long term safety of many commonly used drugs. Don’t get me wrong… there IS a time and a place for conventional medicine, but it should be turned to only as a last resort when natural methods are not sufficient, or when an emergency requires it. All this, and yes,….I’m still a practicing pharmacist, daily separating the seed from the chaff within the information fed to us by the industry.

Rabbit trails frequently lead to more rabbit trails in the learning process, and I started researching natural healthcare alternatives…whether that be simply exercise, colloidal silver, herbal products, or essential oils. What I discovered in this journey, and what I hope to share with you here, is learning to be healthy and well in an unhealthy world, and the products and lifestyle choices that will help you do so.

I hope you will join me on this journey and we’ll get to know each other along the way…..

If you’d like to learn more about natural health and wellness options, and how I can help you, please feel free to contact me.

In blessings and health~ Liz (the Oily Farmgirl)