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As a healthcare professional, my first thoughts are always “What is the current state of health of the people involved?” whenever a disaster strikes. As a fellow prepper, my husband and I have done our share of getting ready for whatever may come. We have our food, water, shelter, protection plan, and tangible asset management plans in place and are constantly updating them.

But who has a backup wellness plan in place? This is a problem, and a big one…. considering that over half of all adults in the United States has one or more chronic health conditions. We need to get back on our feet BEFORE disaster strikes and work towards wellness. I’d love to help you do that.

Some health issues simply can’t be prevented. When the poop hits the fan, what are you going to do about supporting weakened body systems if/when your normal resources are not available? If you’d like to hang around, I’ll be discussing natural ways to support our body systems and emotional health in weeks to come. Information can also be found throughout my website .

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Liz James

NSHC Certified Health Coach & Wellness Educator

YL Independent member #1602257



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