Let’s talk for a minute. You have been reading for about a month now, and hopefully you’ve now embraced the notion that you need to be preparing on a level that is unique to you and your family’s personal health concerns. If so, call me… email me… it’s time to get serious about the planning.

Health preparedness is not as simple as just storing product. 

While product is nice to have on hand when you need it, the ability to apply knowledge that you’ve accumulated thru personal experience and thru experience of others could be a gamechanger.  Proficiency in anything requires practice.  It is my personal goal that every single person who joins my team have access to as much education as they desire (in the form of private Facebook groups, books,  education here… thru my blog and emails, and also direction to science backed resources)….. so that they (you?) can become proficient in their unique health and wellness plan BEFORE a crisis situation dictates that it must be implemented.  However, when a crisis happens (and it WILL happen someday), what if you don’t have access to your internet, phone, or your “go to person” when a “how to” question arises? Then you must rely on what you have stored in your brain, what you have in your Bug Out Bag to implement your plan. 

Today’s the day… make a commitment to do this. Let’s pack your bag with the essentials that will be pertinent to YOUR health, (along with the 400+ page essential oil manual you’ll get for free from me) AND begin training your brain to think a bit differently. Let’s get some practice under your belt! Who knows…. by implementing what you learn now, you might become healthier for it, and THAT itself could actually save your life… even if the SHTF doesn’t happen anytime soon.

Let’s do this!

In health and preparedness,

Liz James, RPh