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Realistic Sustainability

“When is comes to being prepared, there is a place between fanatical and nothing, and that is the place where Realistic Sustainability lives. Realistic Sustainability is a concept that provides a m…

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What’s Your Retirement Plan look like?

Finances. Ah…… Debbie Downer…. don’t bring that up. I was having a pretty good day until you mentioned the “F” word.

This is a topic that is such a big one in ALL of our lives, and yet the average person wants to run the opposite direction when “the big F” is mentioned. It is very personal. Some people Continue reading “What’s Your Retirement Plan look like?”

Body Chemistry 101: Alkalime

Body chemistry 101…. Is your body acidic or slightly basic?… and why does it matter?

Continue reading “Body Chemistry 101: Alkalime”

I’m always happy to help!

Sooooooo thankful for my amazing neighbor, pharmacist and great friend…she just swooped in and saved the day  with her amazing oils for Maddie.I’ve literally never met anyone more knowledgeable about health and wellness in my life! If you are looking for an oil lady, Liz James needs to be your girl! So thankful for you, Liz! And, thanks for the farm fresh eggs too! You are the real deal!!!!! ~ CG

Continue reading “I’m always happy to help!”

Health Preparedness

Hey there,

Let’s talk for a minute. You have been reading (and hopefully learning) on this site for about a month now.

We (my husband and I) are “preppers” in the truest sense. By definition, “to prep” means “to make ready”.   Continue reading “Health Preparedness”

The (health) Road Less Traveled….. My story part 2

Well hello there!

I had no intention of leaving you hanging precariously on my life’s edge, but the last few days have gotten away from me. Continue reading “The (health) Road Less Traveled….. My story part 2”

The (health) Road Paved with Good Intentions….. My story Part 1

Hey there!

If you want to ask something nearly impossible of an introvert, ask them to write a blog about themselves. Sheesh! This is going to be a rough one for me to write. Continue reading “The (health) Road Paved with Good Intentions….. My story Part 1”

Toxins in your Pits?

It’s me again… Your Wellness Prepper…. getting a little personal early on today! Continue reading “Toxins in your Pits?”

Where do you buy your supplements?

Almost everyone I know uses supplements to support healthy living. Continue reading “Where do you buy your supplements?”

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