Essential oils are not a new addition to a basic wellness plan. They, and the powerful natural constituents and compounds within them, have been used for thousands of years to maintain wellness in virtually every country of the world.

Perhaps even more remarkable is their versatility:

  • They can support wellness in every body system 
  • They can support emotional well-being, especially in times of stress 
  • They are small, lightweight, ultra-portable (perfect for a Bug Out Bag)…each oil having multiple purposes and capabilities.
  • They have an extraordinarily long shelf life…. yep, you heard that right.
  • They can help clean and purify your home and neutralize odors
  • They can be added to food and drinks for nutritional support
  • They provide gentle yet powerful system support for both hair and skin, and can be found in body care products, or better yet, can be used as ingredients when you need to make your own.oils-n-lemon
  • And they are NATURAL. Young Living’s Essential Oils Starter Kits are the perfect way to begin learning and navigating a SHTF wellness plan before the SHTF actually happens, AND a great addition to the “what if’s” section of your health kit within your Bug Out Bag. You DO need a health kit in your bag, right?   The 11 oils contained within the Starter Kit have been purposefully selected to ensure every body system has a means of support. The Premium Starter Kit is a must for any prepper’s BOB. Just as a Swiss Army knife is an invaluable tool to have in your bag, this kit follows the same principals. Think of the kit as your Swiss Army Knife of wellness preparation. Click here to see some of our most popular oils.

    Enjoy your day!