If you have been exploring oil companies at all, you will find that many have labels that say “do not ingest”. Pure oils should be edible.  Young Living not only stands behind the purity of its products, it has also created a line of oils and oil blends that are specifically labeled for consumption.

Vitality Dietary essential oils are the perfect way to add flavor and nutrition to foods and beverages of all kinds…..which, as a prepper, could come super handy if we’ve stored food and water that is somewhat bland, but more importantly…..  these oils supplement your health & wellness regimen!

There are 4 types of Vitality oils for you to try (remembering that while adding amazing flavor to food and drink…. they also each support various body systems!)

  • Herb Vitality – Add flavor and freshness with a drop of your favorite herbs.
  • Spice Vitality – Discover your favorite new way to deliver a culinary kick.
  • Citrus Vitality – Brighten your water, smoothies, and recipes with vitamin-rich citrus.
  • Supplement Vitality – Nutritious drops to support your body and enhance your day.

These little 5ml bottles are a perfect addition to your Bug Out Bag. While taste and smell are important, their value to health and wellness management is priceless!

You can check them all out here.

In Health and Preparedness,

Liz James, RPh

NSHC Certified Health Coach & Wellness Educator

YL Silver Leader #1602257

“Making Wellness A Contagious Pursuit”