Good morning friends! You know I’m about all things wellness oriented by now…. our farm is run as organically as possible, and that includes what we use on ALL of our animals. I am not teaching this online class tonight, but I have friends who are. This is an open class, so all you have to do is put in a request to be added to the class and there ya go… you’re in!

If you’d like to protect your pup in a healthier fashion, sign up, and then take notes on what’s best for your best friend. Cancer and AutoImmune disorders are on the rise within the dog population just as they are in humans…. no surprise. They tend to be exposed to even worse stuff than we expose ourselves to. Learn how to ditch toxins and switch to natural options. And remember, just like in us, all positive health changes begin in the gut…. not just in humans, but with dogs too. Ol’ Roy and Alpo are both junk food doggie style!

I’ll be sitting in on this class tonight too. Hope to see ya’ll there!

Please FB message Melissa Eaton @  and she will get you added to the class invite list.

(PS: please message me if for some reason this link doesn’t allow you access and I’ll talk to those in charge and get you in!)