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Sleep Week / Day 6

Good morning friends! I hope you all got your rejuvenating, anti-aging 7+ hours of sleep last night! There is so much to cover, and so little time left in the week.

Blood sugar fluctuations… we all have them…. some people have a much larger span between high’s and low’s but more than 86 million Americans are fast approaching a ‘diagnoseable condition’ because of these fluctuations. Only 1 in 4 are actually aware of this ‘oncoming train’ that will ultimately affect their life in big ways. Continue reading “Sleep Week / Day 6”

Sleep Week / Day 5

Sleep! The saga continues…. so many pieces must fall into place for us to get a well rested night of ZZZZZZZ. (and I’m keeping this one short so I can hop into bed!)

Both men and women need balanced hormones. A LOT can go wrong within our bodies if our hormones go wackadoodle (I know…..not a scientific term, but it’s FDA compliant 😜!). Sleep pattern disruption is just one of those things.

While this post focuses mainly on ‘The Change’, be aware that ‘wackadoodle’ hormones can happen at any age 😉, but especially during puberty, pregnancy/childbirth, and ahem….. the aforementioned time.  Continue reading “Sleep Week / Day 5”

Sleep Week/ Day 4

Good morning sunshine! I hope you all woke up refreshed🌞. This morning, I wanted to talk a little about melatonin.

Melatonin isn’t just for sleep. Small daily doses may also support  our thyroid function and healthy estrogen levels (in women aged 42-62 years).

I find it so interesting that ‘natural night time light colors’… think campfires, moonlight or fireflies are acceptable to our bodies, while unnatural (ie:manmade) lighting colors are disruptive. God certainly knew what he was doing! Continue reading “Sleep Week/ Day 4”

Sleep Week/ Day 3

Deficiencies. Sometimes our bodies don’t produce enough, and other times, we just don’t consume enough. The only way (aside from supplementation) we can receive minerals like Magnesium or Potassium is thru the plants we consume, and to a much lesser extent, meat from animals who have eaten plants. Additionally, our bodies give us the ability to synthesize D, but D can come from a non-vegan diet as well. Continue reading “Sleep Week/ Day 3”

Sleep Week/ Day 2

Good morning friends!! I hope you got a good night of sleep last night! Fireworks were fierce out here in the country til nearly midnight (we’ve got at least 2 more nights of them.. July 4th is around the corner)… and our animals were stressed. Needless to say, OUR sleep was affected!

Sleep deprivation causes increased hunger and increased stress hormone levels… never a good thing, but especially if you are trying to manage your weight or lose a few extra pounds. Sleep deprivation can make that goal dang near impossible! Continue reading “Sleep Week/ Day 2”

Sleep Week/ Day 1

Hey ya’ll! I’m looking forward to helping my peeps work on catching better ZZZZ’s this week.  Twenty five (+) years of pharmacy practice has given me front row seating watching our country’s health woes, and that has really fueled my desire to help people find their way back to wellness. Traditional western medicine professionals are really good at fixing acute health situations, but are sorely lacking in the ability to help people regain optimal health. “Bandaids for bullet holes” in most chronic health situations. Continue reading “Sleep Week/ Day 1”

Sleep Week! July 1-8

love the long days of summer! I can get so much done outside because of the length of daylight we’ve got here in the south. However, long days of daylight eventually begin to wreak havoc on my hours spent sleeping…. and that eventually begins to take its toll on me.

I know several of you suffer from chronically deprived sleep patterns that may be caused by attempting to utilize every last drop of daylight….. but many are sleep deprived for other reasons …. and frequently those are health related. If you struggle with sleep, pop in all next week…. (beginning Saturday actually), and I’ll uncover some facts that may surprise you, along with tips that may help you reclaim your ZZZZZZ.

See you soon! ~ liz

War, Volunteers, Gnomes, and Mama (whew!)

I’ve been so busy this last month that I’ve barely had time to come up for air. I feel like I’ve left so many discussions hanging. And now, I’m so far behind, that in order to be sequential, I’d have to write about six posts just to get you caught up on current affairs on the farm. Sheesh. May and June are just flying by! That said, this post is going to be a mish mash of current affairs…. cliff notes country style!  Continue reading “War, Volunteers, Gnomes, and Mama (whew!)”

Class Dates Posted

Several of you have asked when the next Gut Health and Women’s Health  classes are scheduled. I’ve updated the links (upper right hand corner of the blog page) for late June/ and early July. Continue reading “Class Dates Posted”

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