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Ya’ll have a great weekend! It’s been 80+ degrees here this week…. cray cray weather, even for north Texas in February. It’s been a record breaking warm winter and I’m sure hoping there isn’t one more freeze…. my fruit trees are starting to bloom! #oilyfarmsquirrel #prayingmakeslifebetter #henrithesquirrel

Oh My Darlin’…….

Jerseys are like potato chips… you can’t have just one! Clementine is the second cow we purchased to feed our raw milk habit. About 15 years ago, we discovered the health benefits of raw milk, and then 5 years later, we fell head over heels in love with Jerseys.  Continue reading “Oh My Darlin’…….”

Dolphin MPS….Another Tool for the Toolbox

Every craftsman (or woman) has tools. The longer the trade has been plied, the more diverse the tools.

As I work towards filling my ‘toolbox’ with health and wellness minded tools, sometimes I find something that just shouts out to me. There are some things EVERYONE should know about and partake in……if they want to manage their health in a sustainable way. Taking medication daily for pain is NOT a sustainable solution to a potentially long term problem. As a pharmacist, I witness the after effects of chronic pain medication use. Continue reading “Dolphin MPS….Another Tool for the Toolbox”

Who’s Your Mama….and Daddy?

hens-on-the-farmAs you may have seen in my first post on Henri, we have interesting animal relationships out here on the farm. Continue reading “Who’s Your Mama….and Daddy?”

Prepper Food Guide! Must have foods for any prepper!

This post is a list of simple things to keep in your short-term home stockpile. Most are not “typical food storage” items, but this isn’t a typical food storage book. All items listed can not only be stored, but can be easily used in your daily life. Storing these things is a painless way to […]

via Food Storage Ideas for you 3 Month “Short Term Storage”, Part One: Food — Realistic Sustainability, Ltd.

Is Your Home Sick?

Wintertime is the time when most people bring home many illnesses!

The Wellness Prepper

As a prepper, we need to think of ourselves as a well oiled machine. We would not leave our guns, tools, and food supply in an environment that would ruin them…. so why do we neglect our bodies and purposefully expose ourselves to toxic agents?… especially knowing that we need to be in prime health to survive and thrive.

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This might just be your missing puzzle piece…..

Our bodies. We are a mega city of cells that never sleep and never vacation: 24/7/365. Our cells are shift workers, simultaneously creating and destroying depending on our body’s needs. That makes me tired…. just thinking about how hard our bodies work around the clock!

Just like any mega city employees, our cells need adequate and proper tools to do their jobs and keep things running smoothly. Without proper tools, production and destruction may become delayed or dysfunctional, and for a mega city, that can result in a real crisis. Continue reading “This might just be your missing puzzle piece…..”

Next Virtual Gut Health Class: May 9th

May’s class date:  Tuesday May 9th….. 7pm CST 

Who doesn’t need overall great health? The key to nearly 90% of dis-ease, body system dysfunction and emotional disorders lies in our gut. We are now offering Gut Health 101 on a monthly basis. If this month doesn’t work for you, OR if you’d like a private class for yourself and/or at least 5 friends and family, please feel free to private message me. These classes are interactive and online, so no distance is too great to prevent learning!

“I took the class and it was very informative. The questionnaire that we filled out before hand allowed me to make personal connection to the information as we went along. The information that was shared helped me put 2 and 2 together for myself and my son. The connection of our emotional health being connected to our gut health was eye opening and I believe I now have a clear path for improving both in my life! Liz James is a wealth of knowledge and she has a heart of caring for people! Priceless! This was life changing! Thank you and I am looking forward to more classes like this” ~JE
“Liz’s Gut Health 101 class was very informative on many levels. I have been working closely with a local Nutritional Wellness center for 11 months trying to get my gut back to healthy. Even after all that time and all that they have taught me and that I have learned from extensive reading, I still learned more from Liz in her class. I am looking forward to more of her teaching. She is clear and concise and easy to understand. I think everyone I know should take this class. I KNOW that if they did and followed her advice they would feel a whole lot better!! ~KT
“What a wonderful class. I learned a great deal and was especially fascinated by the link between chronic skin issues being and indicator of the health of one’s gut. Well taught and easy to understand. The pre-class questionnaire was awesome!! Nice job ladies!” -AC

Continue reading “Next Virtual Gut Health Class: May 9th”

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Sunrise/Sunsets at the Farm

after the rain.png

And many more breathtaking photos. Continue reading “Sunrise/Sunsets at the Farm”

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