T’was the night before New Year’s and all thru the barn,

Not a creature was stirring…….’cause it was dang cold on the farm.


The critters were nestled all snug in their beds,

With visions of warm spring days dancing in their heads.


With Charlie in his long johns and I in my leggings…..

We too bedded down for a year’s calm ending.


The morning came quickly, and someone was missing,

…. A cow named Honey had left without sleeping.


A package she left us half frozen we found…

A little calf so cold on the hard winter ground.


Shivering mightily, she lay there so weak…..

We feared our new year would begin with a valley,  not a peak.


Spotted and tiny the little girl lay,

We towel dried & wrapped her in a blanket and prayed.


The temperature kept dropping, a crisis at hand,

So we brought her inside by the fire to mend.


A blanket, a fire, Frank & Myrrh on the  (belly) button….

This baby girl was gonna grow up to be somethin’!


Slowly she warmed and began to stir,

And with a small ‘mooo’ we knew the coast was clear.


Two hours later she returned to her Mama,

Who was pacing the stall, clearly glad to be done with the drama.


And so this morning now that she’s well, We’d like to introduce

The star of the day….. Elsa’s her name (just like in “Frozen” they say).


Happy New Year from us…. Honey and Elsa too,

Although in cow language… you might have just heard ‘Moo’!


We hope your 2018 is filled with HEALTH, Happiness, and Prosperity! Thank you for reading my first year of blogging. You are appreciated! XOXO ~ Liz