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January 2017

Important Vitality Oils

If you have been exploring oil companies at all, you will find that many have labels that say “do not ingest”. Continue reading “Important Vitality Oils”

Can Oils support Our Emotional Health?

Using essential oils is not a new found fad… Continue reading “Can Oils support Our Emotional Health?”

It’s time to get serious about the planning.


Let’s talk for a minute. Continue reading “It’s time to get serious about the planning.”

HELP… How do I know what to use?

Everyone is built and wired differently. Continue reading “HELP… How do I know what to use?”

Is Your Home Sick?

As a prepper, we need to think of ourselves as a well oiled machine. We would not leave our guns, tools, and food supply in an environment that would ruin them…. so why do we neglect our bodies and purposefully expose ourselves to toxic agents?… especially knowing that we need to be in prime health to survive and thrive. Continue reading “Is Your Home Sick?”

The Magnificent 7

Thanks for your continued interest in Young Living’s essential oils and supplements. Continue reading “The Magnificent 7”

Prepper’s Choice: Let’s get started

Continue reading “Prepper’s Choice: Let’s get started”

Health, Big Pharma, and You

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 2 adults in the United States suffers from at least one chronic health condition. Continue reading “Health, Big Pharma, and You”

Do You Have A Wellness Backup Plan?

Continue reading “Do You Have A Wellness Backup Plan?”

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