Next class date:  Wednesday July 5th….. 7-8:30pm CST 

Who doesn’t need overall great health? The key to nearly 90% of dis-ease, body system dysfunction and emotional disorders lies in our gut. We are now offering Gut Health 101 on a monthly basis. If this month doesn’t work for you, OR if you’d like a private class for yourself and/or at least 5 friends and family, please feel free to private message me. These classes are interactive and online, so no distance is too great to prevent learning!

“I took the class and it was very informative. The questionnaire that we filled out before hand allowed me to make personal connection to the information as we went along. The information that was shared helped me put 2 and 2 together for myself and my son. The connection of our emotional health being connected to our gut health was eye opening and I believe I now have a clear path for improving both in my life! Liz James is a wealth of knowledge and she has a heart of caring for people! Priceless! This was life changing! Thank you and I am looking forward to more classes like this” ~JE

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