About 6 months ago, we got infested with ugly crickets. I am a farm girl and used to all kinds of crickets and grasshoppers, but these guys are just plain ugly and creepy looking…. and for whatever reason, they began migrating to the inside of our home. Cave crickets have super cricket power… and so in addition to being so ugly only their mother could love them, they can jump like nobody’s business. The night one jumped on me IN THE BED…. well, that was it for me. 

Herein lay the the problem tho. Our farm is organic. I’ve figured out a way to manage cucumber beetles and other garden pests organically, but none of those ways work well inside our home. I mean, who wants white DE powder scattered everywhere and poultry running freely in the house?? I tried peppermint on cotton balls with limited success. It seems that I just couldn’t get the staying power I needed to consistently keep the bugs out.

So, back in July, I heard an ad on an Organic Gardening program about a company in the Dallas/Ft Worth area called Eco-Safe Pest Control. I was dubious about their being truly safe, but the crickets in the bedroom had put me at my limit. We had our first appointment soon after…. at which time I asked a gazillion questions about product labeling and ingredients. This is no small thing…. allowing someone to come into your home and spray God knows what everywhere….. something that purportedly has staying power of at least three months. I didn’t want to make a colossal mistake. We’ve worked hard to eliminate chemicals from our home so that our turf (both inside and outside) is safe for us, and our pets… including Henri!  Lo and behold, they use a great deal of essential oils as ingredients for pest control. Praise God! I knew they worked (after having had the battle of the century with those dang beetles this summer), but couldn’t figure out how to make them work long term. Eco-Safe uses a safe base oil (I believe it is a nut base) that extends the activity to about 90 days. 20171025_105925

Fast forward to today. I can honestly say that I’m sold on Eco-Safe. Jeremy came out today to do our quarterly treatment. I haven’t seen a single cave cricket in at least a month or more (we were seeing them daily). It does seem like it took about 2-3 weeks to get the full effect of the first treatment, but after that, we could definitely tell a difference.

Did you know that the life expectancy of a traditional (non-organic) pest control technician is statistically lower than the national average? In speaking with Jeremy and with the owner of Eco-Safe, I found out that the lifespan of a technician is typically about 60-65years. What in the world does that tell you about the chemicals a standard pest control company is putting in and around your house?

Ya’ll, daily micro exposures add up. It fills that life bucket up, and once it’s full…. well that’s when the overflow makes the appearance in the form of autoimmune diseases, cancers, and other body system dysfunctions. (Attend one of my gut health classes if you’d like to learn more)

Another thing I found out today is that  TORC+Logo300x300 Organic Pest Control companies like Eco-Safe struggle with the same problem that Young Living faces with its oils (I’m seeing them at Wally World, grocery stores, and the truck stop of all places!). You see, as people wake up to the dangers of hazardous chemical exposure and want something safer, other ‘sham companies’ jump on the band wagon and begin calling themselves ‘GREEN’ in order to gain business. In Dallas, a company is legally allowed to call themselves ‘green’ if only 30% of their chemicals are nontoxic and/or organic. Folks, there is a word for this…. it’s called Greenwashing. It’s not fair to consumers, and it’s almost worse than lying in my book. Eco-Safe does NOT greenwash…. they are certified by the Texas Organic Research Center.  They are the real McCoy… legit. In speaking to Greg, I heard the passion about his product in his voice. He walks the talk. He and his company are committed to safely controlling pests in our homes and yards without simply trading the pest for a toxin. Priceless if you ask me.

I’m not receiving any sort of discount or free services for this blog post by the way…. I just think it’s a good idea that when we find the real thing, we should share. Many of you are like me… and are seeking alternatives so that we can make intelligent choices when punting harmful chemicals out of our homes, and this is one more way you can do it!

Blogging reaches all ends of the earth, and of course, Eco-Safe isn’t a world wide company (I wish they were!). That said, I am sure there ARE safe pest control companies in your area provided you do your research well. Ask your pest control people hard questions about the chemicals they use. Listen to them talk. Are they passionate about keeping you healthy? Do they have some sort of organic certification? Will they let you see the labels on their products? Do their employees look healthy to you (That matters!)? If they can’t answer all of these questions with passion, move on. Chances are high that they are greenwashing if they cannot back their claims with proof. This little test applies to every company …. transparency and passion. I love it! …. who knew I could fall in love with a bug company!

If you are local, give them a try :). You won’t regret it, but I think your bugs will.

Email: info@ecosafepest.com

Eco-Safe: (214) 358-5201

Blessed, healthy, and bug free…. ~ liz