Henri continues to keep her babies hidden, although we can hear them now. I’m pretty confident that we’ll soon see how many she has. She leaves them for longer periods of time, and is spending time relaxing on the porch with us, the cats, and the dogs. The interaction between species really is an amazing thing to witness.

She can be a real talker!
Today is a ‘pet me’ day.
looking for a handout
She loves rosehips, but in this pic she looks like she’s giving me ‘the treatment’.
back to our conversation…
she doesn’t like it when I wear tank tops because when she jumps, there’s nothing to hold on to. I don’t care for that either! Squirrels have sharp claws!

Here’s a few pics from one of our afternoons together. She is a wild squirrel now, and much like a temperamental cat, she chooses when and where she wants interaction. There are days that she is incredibly affectionate and wants petting, and there are other days where she just wants food and a brief hello. Aren’t we all like that, really?

We don’t push her,  we just appreciate her presence. I’m still toying with getting her spayed, and really need to start investigating my options (ie: look for an exotic animal vet that will do it). Otherwise, we’ll be rehoming youngsters for the rest of our lives!