This morning I got off to a late start. Cole, our little foster dog, was scheduled to be neutered, and I had to have him at the vet before 8 am for his procedure. I usually begin feeding around 7, but since Cole couldn’t eat breakfast (per vet’s orders), I decided to delay the morning feeding until I got back. Food is one of Cole’s favorite things in life, and I just couldn’t imagine feeding the others while he looked on.

Anyway…. my late start really bothered a few of my critters, but especially this one particular hen. We have nesting boxes in the chicken coop, and generally that’s where the hens lay their eggs…… except for this one hen who apparently needs privacy when laying her eggs. I opened the chicken coop door (mind you, about an hour later than normal), and this little hen goes running across the yard as fast as she can with a single mindedness that bespoke of urgency at hand.  The poor girl was in labor and trying to get to her private L&D suite as fast as her little feet could get her there.


By the time I finished feeding I could tell she was in the throes of delivery…. she is VERY vocal when in active egg production and makes a very distinct type of cluck called (informally) a laying cackle (you can learn more about the language of chickens here :).

Later this evening as I was making rounds to feed, I gathered the eggs in the coop, and then headed over to the private L&D suite for this girl. She surprised me today with 2 eggs! Congrats Ma…. you’ve had twins* :).


It’s the little things, that make me smile. ~

*It is not unusual for some hens to lay two eggs a day. She came back later, and lay her second egg in the afternoon.