hens-on-the-farmAs you may have seen in my first post on Henri, we have interesting animal relationships out here on the farm. Thumbellina (the white hen) is a banty. She is a broody little thing, and will sit on any nest and anyone’s eggs when she is of mind to do so. In effect, she believes strongly in cross cultural adoption! These are her 3 most recent adopted hatchlings. Actually, they are about 2 months old in this picture. They are guineas, and they are strongly bonded to their adoptive mama. In fact, they really want nothing to do with the other guineas on our property.20160825_201940 Interestingly, I’ve got a rooster, who, last year adopted 4 guinea ‘teens’ as his own. It is a bit odd for a rooster to have much interest in raising babies, much less ‘non chicken’ ones.  Fabio (the rooster) has fiercely protected them, and they cling to him as their daddy. And now that they are older, I’m a bit concerned that I may eventually end up with a rooster/guinea cross…. which I understand can happen, although I’ve heard that all chicks will be sterile. I’m ok with that, as long as they still produce edible eggs!  It will be interesting to see how all this plays out :).