Jerseys are like potato chips… you can’t have just one! Clementine is the second cow we purchased to feed our raw milk habit. About 15 years ago, we discovered the health benefits of raw milk, and then 5 years later, we fell head over heels in love with Jerseys. 

Clementine was culled from a traditional dairy setting because she has suspensory ligament laxity in her udder. This makes her prone to mastitis and teat injuries because her bag hangs so low. Charlie and I have jokingly toyed with the idea of creating a “brudder” (a bra for an udder) for her. 20160524_081008  Fortunately (or unfortunately… depending on how you look at it) this is something we did not know 10 years ago when we were buying our first few girls. Our ignorance was her saving grace….. Had we not bought her, she likely would have had a much shortened life, and we would not have gotten to know,love, and learn from her sweet disposition. So, for that, we are fortunate indeed. We do have to watch her udder closely, and when she is in milk she looks like she could feed 10 calves easily.


On Sunday, I was blessed by a sweet friend and talented artist, Kim Guthrie. She took a picture I had taken of sweet Clementine and created an adorable painting for me & I believe she captured Clementine perfectly! 20170220_195800She is quite the photo hound and is one of our more curious cows :). Jerseys by nature tend to be curious and in your pocket once they get to know you. Having friends who happen to be cows is a definite added bonus to our raw milk addiction!