Remember that post where I breathed a sigh of relief because Henri wasn’t preggers? ….and then I breathed another sigh of relief because “they” said that squirrels don’t reach sexual maturity until they are 10-11 months old? Well, who ever “they” are needs to rewrite their squirrel biology book…. either that, or Henri is one incredibly precocious 8 month old squirrel, and has clearly been flitting around when we weren’t looking when she was 6 or 7 months old.

Look what’s going on here…. (I’ve circled the evidence). wordswag_1496860662592Somebody(s) is being fed the traditional mammal way….. via the mammary route. Lord help us. As my husband said…..”And NOW, we have a squirrel problem”. (He smiled when he said it, but we’re both thinking the same thing). We’ve not seen the wee ones yet, but I’m sure we will in a few weeks. That will give us time to put a plan together. I’m open to ideas, suggestions etc as to humanely catch and release littles into the world. We have acreage so I do think we could simply move them about 20 acres away and that should be sufficient. I fear the same would not be true for Henri. Her home is here and she knows it. Does anyone know if it’s possible to spay a somewhat wild squirrel??? I’m doing the ‘if 1 squirrel has 6 babies, and .5 of them have 6 babies etc story problem in my head and I see us quickly outnumbered’. ย This is going to be an interesting summer!