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July 2017

August Women’s Health Class

August is right around the corner…. literally. I wanted to give a shout out to my friends (old, new, and unmet) who have wondered when the next Women’s Health class is. It too is right around the corner! Hope to see you all there. August 7th (a Monday) 6:30pm CST.

Remember, these classes…. while free…. do require an access code to attend, so you’ll need to sign up. Hope to see you there!

You can sign up HERE.

Have a blessed and joy filled day! ~ liz

Note: 8/6/17 The link to the class has been sent out this morning. If you signed up and did not receive a link, please contact me. Thanks!



White Gold

More than 15 years ago, we made the decision to begin drinking raw milk. You can learn more about that journey here and here. It was not a decision we took lightly, and I literally did over 100 hours of research before embarking on this new path.

I know. I can see the smile on some of your faces, and I can see the nose wrinkling in disgust on others. Raw milk seems to divide foodies, nutritionists, medical professionals the way God divided the Red Sea for Moses. Continue reading “White Gold”

July Gut Health Class

Hey ya’ll, I’ve sent out the link to the Gut Health Class (scheduled for tomorrow…. Monday, July 24th at 7pm CST). If you signed up, and did not receive the link tonight, please message me and I will resend it.  (To keep those spamming robots at bay, you can find my email address here . )

God Bless, and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! ~ liz

Conversations with Henri

Henri continues to keep her babies hidden, although we can hear them now. I’m pretty confident that we’ll soon see how many she has. She leaves them for longer periods of time, and is spending time relaxing on the porch with us, the cats, and the dogs. The interaction between species really is an amazing thing to witness. Continue reading “Conversations with Henri”

The Gut Health/ Brain Health Connection

Good morning friends~

I saw an article this morning, and wanted to share it . Here are a few excerpts from the study referenced:

“Investigators led by Caroline Wallace, PhD candidate, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, found that symptoms of mood, anhedonia, and sleep disturbance were significantly reduced with probiotic therapy after just 4 weeks, with results maintained at 8 weeks.

The findings are of particular interest because probiotics are not associated with any of the adverse effects of current antidepressant therapies and can be safely taken over long periods.

These results, the investigators note, “suggest that probiotics may be effective in alleviating depressive symptoms such as mood, anhedonia, and sleep quality.” Continue reading “The Gut Health/ Brain Health Connection”

Sleep Week / Day 7

OK ya’ll….. I’m coming clean here… Sleep is important to me. I’ve researched sleep for several months now, and the more I researched, the more I appreciated its value. These last few days have been ginormously busy for me…. so much so, that I have not had a moment to catch my breath except when it’s time to head to bed. Continue reading “Sleep Week / Day 7”

Sleep Week / Day 6

Good morning friends! I hope you all got your rejuvenating, anti-aging 7+ hours of sleep last night! There is so much to cover, and so little time left in the week.

Blood sugar fluctuations… we all have them…. some people have a much larger span between high’s and low’s but more than 86 million Americans are fast approaching a ‘diagnoseable condition’ because of these fluctuations. Only 1 in 4 are actually aware of this ‘oncoming train’ that will ultimately affect their life in big ways. Continue reading “Sleep Week / Day 6”

Sleep Week / Day 5

Sleep! The saga continues…. so many pieces must fall into place for us to get a well rested night of ZZZZZZZ. (and I’m keeping this one short so I can hop into bed!)

Both men and women need balanced hormones. A LOT can go wrong within our bodies if our hormones go wackadoodle (I know…..not a scientific term, but it’s FDA compliant 😜!). Sleep pattern disruption is just one of those things.

While this post focuses mainly on ‘The Change’, be aware that ‘wackadoodle’ hormones can happen at any age 😉, but especially during puberty, pregnancy/childbirth, and ahem….. the aforementioned time.  Continue reading “Sleep Week / Day 5”

Sleep Week/ Day 4

Good morning sunshine! I hope you all woke up refreshed🌞. This morning, I wanted to talk a little about melatonin.

Melatonin isn’t just for sleep. Small daily doses may also support  our thyroid function and healthy estrogen levels (in women aged 42-62 years).

I find it so interesting that ‘natural night time light colors’… think campfires, moonlight or fireflies are acceptable to our bodies, while unnatural (ie:manmade) lighting colors are disruptive. God certainly knew what he was doing! Continue reading “Sleep Week/ Day 4”

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