Hey ya’ll! I’m looking forward to helping my peeps work on catching better ZZZZ’s this week.  Twenty five (+) years of pharmacy practice has given me front row seating watching our country’s health woes, and that has really fueled my desire to help people find their way back to wellness. Traditional western medicine professionals are really good at fixing acute health situations, but are sorely lacking in the ability to help people regain optimal health. “Bandaids for bullet holes” in most chronic health situations. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m passionate about A LOT of things… but they all have a common core…. they all contribute to the wellness equation.

Two of my biggest education passions are Gut Health and Women’s Health. I teach free monthly classes online (see the link at the top of my blog page) because I believe that a little knowledge and understanding will go a long way in helping identify root causes and resources that may help you.

Adequate sleep plays a huge part in both gut health and women’s health issues, but also in so many other areas of our lives, especially when it comes to chronic conditions.

So, let’s start with the very basics here….

Chances are, we’ve all driven when we shouldn’t… when we were too tired to make good decisions. Did you know that drowsy driving is responsible for 20% of fatal vehicle crashes.

1 out of every 25 drivers has fallen asleep while driving in the last 30 days. Yikes!! (Please don’t let this be you.)

Large caffeine loads are never a good answer, and the effects that that practice has on a neurotransmitter called GABA isn’t pretty. You see, GABA helps us feel calm and peaceful, and its natural release into our body is inhibited by caffeine. And THAT results in anxiousness, jittery feelings, and poor sleep.

I found this great article on ways to stay awake while driving…. it is one written for truckers… and guess what, even that article suggests avoiding caffeine! 

The following are some great options that can be used to perk you up any time! I use all of these at various times (in addition to many of the tips mentioned in the article above).

NingXia Nitro– I’ve never felt jittery when using NXN.  NingXia NITROIt is a quick little pick me up, and easy to stash in your purse, pocket, or laptop case (or tractor!). There is no ‘crash’ following taking it. I don’t take it past about 5pm, but I know others who do without recourse to their sleep.


Most people never think about fragrances having energy boosting potential, but surprisingly they do! It’s really kind of crazy (in a good way) how well they work. When I’m not working on the farm, I spend a large amount of time working at the pharmacy, studying at home, and writing. Pharmacy requires you to be on your game 100% of the time, with no room for being sleepy. Sleepy = errors…. and in pharmacy, that’s NEVER a good thing. Here’s a list of some very cool oils that have constituents that have been proven scientifically to both improve mental alertness and clarity.

I keep these on hand at all times to help in times of feeling woozy.

En-R-Gee essential oil blendEn-R-Gee Essential OilA blend of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper essential oils. I diffuse it in my office at home, or apply to my temples or back of the neck.

Peppermint Vitality essential oil –Peppermint Vitality™ - 5ml Most people think of peppermint as flavoring, and not as a tool to enhance mental performance…. but peppermint can do just that. I drink water flavored with peppermint oil at work, and whenever I need a little extra focus boost. I also diffuse it alone or combined with other oils frequently.

Lemon vitality essential oil –Lemon Vitality™ - 5ml Lemon fragrance is another mental acuity booster. It is also a happy scent and (don’t laugh… there are tons of studies!), its odor actually promotes happiness. OK, maybe you should laugh! Happy people are less sleepy during the day, but when they do sleep, they sleep better. Really! Happy odors can actually cause changes in your brain that make you an overall happier person over time. Maybe that’s why the traditional smiley face is lemon yellow…. just the color makes us happy!

Rosemary vitality essential oil – Rosemary Vitality™ - 5mlRosemary. I LOVE rosemary. I have it planted in various places throughout our garden and farm. When I catch a whiff of it I know I’m home. For me, it is a very secure and grounding scent. But I’m mentioning it today, because it too has some potent mental alertness boosting capabilities. This is a great article if your interest has been piqued.

But back to driving while sleepy…… You can use all of the above fragrances in your car in many ways. Peppermint in your drinking water like I do is a great one!

A car diffuser is a powerhouse way to help you get you from “A to B” safely if sleepy driving plagues you. I’ve tried several out, and finally settled on this one. It runs like a beast for about 5 hours before you have to refill the water reservoir. Both my husband and I each have diffusers in our trucks, and they make all the difference. My husband is a reformed sleepy driver, and had fender benders years ago because of it. We take sleepy driving VERY seriously in our home. (I have a membership to this particular company (Life Science), so if you’d like the diffuser and want the 10$ discount, please message me and I’ll help you get it a bit more cheaply).

I’ll be talking about several products from Young Living this week, and at some point I may mention something you want in your possession.  I’m not here to sell you the Premium Starter Kit (although it’s a steal at $160 for 11 therapeutic oils and a diffuser), I’m here to point you in the direction of products that will improve the quality of your life. You can actually get a lifetime membership with Young Living for $45 (they throw in a free oil for stress too!) and then have access to ALL their products at wholesale pricing (24% off retail prices).  You can order whatever you’d like with no minimum. Places like SAM’S and Costco charge a higher annual fee, and you get nothing but access to their buildings…. so this is a pretty great deal. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. (If you choose to sign up with a membership…. regardless of the type, I’ll send you a 400+ page hardcopy reference manual and other resources to get you started).

Question: I’m curious to know how many of you get 6 hours or less of sleep at night? And secondly… what is your current ‘go to’ for energy during the day? Anything…. Is it an oil or a cuppa’ Joe? Stay tuned….. more surprising facts about sleep coming ‘atcha!